The House Baltic Caucus (HBC)




Dear Colleague:

As we begin the 115th Congress, we would like to encourage you to join the House Baltic Caucus.

This year, The Baltic Caucus celebrates its 20th Anniversary. Established in 1997, the Baltic Caucus is comprised of Members of the U.S. House of Representatives who share a common interest in the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We are proud to serve as co-chairs. We have not forgotten the brutal Soviet occupation of the Baltic States, which lasted for half a century. Since the restoration of their independence from the USSR over 25 years ago, the Baltic States have been steadfast allies of the United States. The Baltic States worked very hard to achieve NATO membership and are strong adherent of the principles brought forth by this alliance. These three countries demonstrate to the world how countries can emerge from the curtain of tyranny and become a thriving democracy.

That is why the caucus works diligently to advance Baltic freedoms. Our goals are to maintain strong relationships with the Baltic States, promote healthy democracies free from terrorism, and assist them in strengthening free market economies in their countries.

Protecting freedom and democracy in the Baltic State is at the forefront of human rights in the West and the U. S. national interest in these tense times. The Baltic people are justifiably nervous, given the recent invasion of their neighbor's providence, Ukraine's Crimea by the Russian Republic. Now more than ever, the safety of the Baltic States is critical. We must keep supporting the sovereignty of our allies against any further invasion. 

If you have any questions or would like to join the House Baltic Caucus, please contact the Shimkus office (Flavio Cardon at [email protected] Direct line: 6-8452) or the Schiff office (Kerry McBride at [email protected] Office Line: 5-4176).



      JOHN SHIMKUS                                                             ADAM SCHIFF

    Member of Congress                                                         Member of Congress   


February 15, 2017